Marine Conservation Zones

Before the MCZs were identified there were many reports and surveys conducted particularly by Natural England. One of the most significant ones was this one - SAC Implementation Plan

In 2010 the Special Area of Conservation Management Scheme was published by Natural England -
Isles of Scilly Special Area of Conseration Management Plan

The Isles of Scilly sites were among the first sites to be included in the network developed through the Finding Sanctuary project. They were proposed by the Isles of Scilly local group with the full agreement of all the water users including fishermen, divers, environmentalists, boatmen and recreational users. The eleven sites are spatially separate and each has their own specific list of draft conservation objectives, many of which are already protected within the Isles of Scilly Complex Special Area of Conservation.

Habitats and species to be protected within the MCZs include fragile sponge communities, pink sea fans, sea fan anemones, sea grass beds, stalked jellyfish, sea snails, sunset cup corals, giant goby, red seaweed and subtidal sand.

All eleven sub-sites received the top score of 5 out of 5 from the government’s Science Advisory Panel for the quality of information, the different types of evidence used and the extent of the linkages between the evidence offered and the specific sites.
Credit must go to local diver and environmentalist Tim Allsop for his work in gathering the data.

MCZ Boundaries

On 21st November 2013 the new Minister with responsibilities for fisheries, George Eustice, announced the designation of 27 Marine Conservation Zones in England. As widely expected the Isles of Scilly was listed in that first first tranche. The next phase of work for the IFCA is to determine management measures in each of the 11 sub-sites that make up the overall MCZ. More information about the whole network may be found here:

UK Network of MCZs

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