Fisheries Research

Understanding the health of our three commercial species (crab, lobster and crawfish) is our top research priority. Data on landings is collected by the MMO and provides a general insight into catch quantities that are linked to Scilly. Every three years we carry out research on board fishing vessels with the support and collaboration of fishermen. In 2023 our research was led by Sarah Morcom with support from Chessen Pender Frazer working with fishermen on St Marys, St Agnes and Bryher. During each fishing trip they measured each individual crab, lobster or crawfish as well as many other details such as the GPS location, time that the gear has been in the water and bycatch. All the data is inputted, analaysed and then presented to fishermen for validation and sense checking. Essentially, we are asking the question - how healthy is our stock, is it sustainably and equitably managed? 

This year we have developed summary guides for each of the reports, detailing key facts and information about the stocks.  

2023 Fisheries Research Reports for Crab, Lobster and Crawfish

Lobster fisheries research report for Isles of Scilly 2023

Crawfish fisheries report for Isles of Scilly 2023

Edible crab fisheries report for Isles of Scilly 2023

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