Patrols And Enforcement

The IFCA will patrol the district to ensure that both commercial and recreational fishermen are complying with national and local regulations. Ultimately we want to encourage an environment in which fishermen understand and comply with fisheries laws, whilst at the same time ensure that there are effective deterrents and penalties in the case of non-compliance. The greatest way to ensure that there is an effective deterrent is to provide the right incentives for people to comply with the rules. We do this by working closely with fishermen and other users to ensure that are decisions are clear, well-evidenced, robust and transparent.

IFCA Officers have the power to board vessels to determine if a fisheries offence has been committed. Isles of Scilly IFCA has set out a Code of Conduct for officers carrying out inspections. The code also explains the obligations of people being inspected.

Code of conduct for inspections
Enforcement Strategy

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