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Dates of Upcoming IFCA Meetings

The dates for our upcoming IFCA meetings are as follows:

14th of July 2022
18th of October 2022 at 10am - At this meeting Dr. Alice Hall from FISH INTEL will give an update on the current findings of the crawfish project. 
26th of January 2022

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Hobby fishing permits required for 2023

All local and visiting hobby (recreational) fishermen will be required to have a permit in 2023.

Permits and tags will be issued from March 2023 and will be a requirement from this point onwards.

A copy of the byelaw can be seen here and an application form can be downloaded here. A tag is required for each pot and costs £3 each. The tag should be secured on the rope just below the marker buoy. Please see pictures on the right that illustrate correct placement.  If there are several pots on a single marker buoy then the requisite number of tags should be attached. Payments can be taken at the library at Porthcressa, the gym at Carn Gwaval by cash or credit card or over the phone on 01720 424400.

For reasons of safe navigation it is important that pots are shot out of main navigation routes and use appropriate length and type of rope.  

For further information please contact Ricky Pender through the website or the IFCA office.

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